July TBR, and knowing my limits

Hey all, a quick post here and one that I am most likely not going to be proud of in the future – I’m super tired right now but really wanted to get this out. Work has really stepped it up this week, plus I have a ton of none work-related places I have to be and things I have to do.

At the beginning of July both #becausedragonsRAT and Tome Topple are taking place, and this TBR was originally going to focus on what I wanted to read for those, but at the moment my participation in these is unrealistic and setting a goal for them is likely going to make me unnecessarily stressed. I already feel better as I make that decision and write these words! I’m the type of person who wants to do everything I’m interested and has a hard time stepping back and realising my limits. So here’s a more casual list of which books I’m prioritising in July:


Skulduggery Pleasant series by Derek Landy: I mentioned in my last blog post and on Instagram that I’m currently rereading this series – I don’t have a set goal for the month, I’ll just see how far I get.


My Cousin Rachel by Daphne du Maurier: I read a short story collection of du Maurier’s a while back and really enjoyed it. This is the novel of hers which sounds most interesting to me, and I own it, which is great as I’m really trying to read from my shelves at the moment.


The Malice by Peter Newman: This is the sequel to The Vagrant, which I read last month. I really want to get to it before I fall into my usual habit of leaving a sequel until I’ve forgotten what happens in the first one, and then rereading it becomes too big a task!


I’ve also received some books for review in the past few weeks, which is extremely exciting, and today I got approved for my first e-ARC on Net Galley! These are:

Terminal Core by Lynn Steigleder

The Tethered World by Heather FitzGerald

From Duke till Dawn by Eva Leigh

Titanlord: Of Death and Sacrifice by M. G. Darwish


Here’s a rough outline of my reading plans for July! I’m really hoping I’ll get to all of these and more, but I’m doubtful. Sorry for the rather miserable and boring post! Have you posted a TBR for this month? Leave it in the comments below and I’ll check it out :)

– hatterell


2 thoughts on “July TBR, and knowing my limits”

  1. It’s a bummer you can’t participate in any readathons, but totally understandable. Life gets in the way sometimes for sure. It’s funny though, I was thinking about putting My Cousin Rachel on my July TBR too :) I honestly haven’t read any Daphne du Maurier but I’ve been super interested in it.

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