REVIEW: Terminal Core by Lynn Steigleder


*I received this copy from the author but this has in no way influenced my opinion or review of the novel*

This novel has a lot going on, so the best way to summarise it is the synopsis given on Goodreads:

“Aon, a solid core planet made from the priceless and most dense element in the galaxy, caladium, is under silent attack. Plans are made by off-worlders to dissolve the unbreakable core using crude oil obtained from 19th century earth. Once the oil is refined, the byproduct, gasoline, will soften the caladium, allowing it to be collected. It is soon discovered the core is made from living beings created from caladium itself. The off-worlders employ a band of corrupt inhabitants to carry on this work. They find themselves in a constant struggle with a small coalition of Aonians bent on saving their home world. Both factions clash with the indestructible core creatures. With horrendous beasts one step behind and deadly pitfalls ahead, the coalition struggles to finish its journey, hoping to insure their races’ survival.”


Sci-fi isn’t a genre that I usually go for, but when I was contacted by Lynn to see if I wanted to review a copy of his book, I thought it would be the perfect opportunity to branch out and try something new. Other than a few inconsistencies in spelling, the overall writing of the novel was good. The quick dialogue and easy-to-read explanations of new concepts meant that the idea of a new world and terminology didn’t hinder my usual reading pace, and the fight scenes were pretty enjoyable. The old ‘Wild West’ vibe throughout was cool too!

However, I wasn’t a fan of the huge cast of characters that this novel attempted to keep up with. Considering sci-fi is something I often struggle with, switching between different pairs of characters every few pages overwhelmed me and meant that I never really grasped a cohesive sense of the intention of the novel as a whole.

I definitely enjoyed Lynn’s writing and would read his work again, but I think in the case of Terminal Core that the genre didn’t end up matching with my personal reading tastes.


Thank you for reading, and until my next post keep up with me on the social media linked above!

– hatterell

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